Dr. Anthony McCaffrey Published in Psychological Science

February 9, 2012 in News


Dr. Anthony McCaffrey’s work on innovation enhancement has been featured in many different media outlets over the past few weeks and months. Please browse the news listings below to learn about his work.


  • The top psychology journal, “Psychological Science”, has published Dr. Anthony McCaffrey’s recent research on innovation-enhancement.
  • The PBS station WHBY TV interviewed Dr. McCaffrey. He discusses many real-world applications of his innovation technique.
  • He was recently interviewed by the NPR station WFCR.
  • Dr. McCaffrey was also featured in an article on the University of Massachusetts Amherst website titled “Anyone Can Learn to Be More Inventive, Says UMass Amherst Psychology Researcher Who Studies Problem Solving”.
  • Inc.com, a website for business entrepreneurs, published an article about Dr. McCaffrey’s work.


Dr. Anthony McCaffrey is a member of the University of Massachusetts Amherst Center for e-Design team.