A Unified Approach to Design of Sustainable Products through Integration of LCA within PLM

Performing a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study or considering substances and compliance at a late design stage poses significant risks, which include: little flexibility to make changes, loss of market share, noncompliant products under different regulations, and limited preparation for existing and future regulations. Thus, substantial value and benefits will be realized by including LCA studies and considering substances and compliance throughout all the design stages, especially the early stages.

Our research achieves: accounting of all impacts, integration with compliance information, and estimation of results from the selection of BOMs. Here, we demonstrate the potential benefits of integration of GaBi LCA software within Teamcenter. A charcoal grill design case study shows how evaluations can be made based on achievement of strategic goals, along with verification of compliance and the visibility of LCA and other results.


Renpeng Zou

Douglas Eddy