Dr. Anthony McCaffrey


A new PhD in cognitive psychology, McCaffrey focuses his research on improving people’s creativity. His dissertation research articulates a new cognitive theory of innovation and is published in the top psychology journal Psychological Science. The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded him a two-year grant under the umbrella of the NSF Center for e-Design. The grant is intended to turn his theory into software that will help engineers be more innovative.

He has started his own company, Aha Productions, for the commercialization of his innovation software. His other creative outlets include writing children’s books (5 currently published) and inventing new games (2 currently published).


BA, Knox College; MS, Computer Science, Indiana University, Bloomington; MA, Philosophy, Loyola University, Chicago; PhD, Cognitive Psychology, University of Massachusetts Amherst; postdoctoral fellow, NSF Center for e-Design.