Integrated multidisciplinary methodology for patient-driven design

The emerging focus of patient-driven design in biomedical research operates on the innovative and health-related expertise of patients. However, there are no systematic methods of driving ongoing contact within teams of patients and biomedical researchers. Paige’s research aims to develop an integrated design methodology to efficiently integrate non-technical stakeholder domains (i.e. patients/caregivers) into the product design process. It is predicted that this aim will be achieved through 1) linking social variables to project performance measures using an adapted social network model, and 2) developing a multimedia-based system for teams with patients, caregivers, and researchers to interact and design with. It is hypothesized that: an adapted Convoy Social Network Model—by constructing ‘Convoy stacks’—can be validated and used to capture social variables for all stakeholders involved. Subsequently, an immersive black box system can allow association of social and design factors, thus informing an integrated methodology that will improve design performance of patient-driven collaborations. This proposed work will address and help to fill gaps in evidence-based research of patient-driven design and understanding of conditions for efficient and integrated collaboration.
Researcher: Paige Czarnecki


Figure 1:  Schematic Representation of a Patient-Driven Design Methodology